FRUTÓBIDOS has been certifying its Quality Management Food Safety System (NP EN ISO 22000) since 2011. That is an internationally renowned certification that were added to the Handcrafts Production Unit certification obtained in 2004, whose scope incises over the production and sale process of the sour cherry liqueur as well as other fruit liqueurs.

These certifications are an essential tool to meet the priorities of the organisation, which are:

• To comply with the goals and objectives defined on a yearly basis;
• To continuously improve the quality of the production and management processes;
• To satisfy the clients and consumers’ needs and expectations;
• To have high levels of food safety based on good production practices;
• To perform an adequate management of waste and preserve the environment;
• To add value to the product and the company, preserving the handmade and traditional production;
• To value the company as an institution through employee training, an effective internal communication, innovation, motivation and actions translated into everyone’s commitment and contribution.
• To contribute to the wellbeing of the community, through social, cultural, environmental, scientific or sports patronage, or through any other action that implies a direct intervention by the company and its employees.