FRUTÓBIDOS, Lda. is owned by Marina Brás, who acquired it in 2001 from Joaquim Albano, the founder, and from whom she received the original convent recipe of the genuine “Ginja d’Óbidos Vila das Rainhas” sour cherry liqueur. This sour cherry liqueur created by the cisterians monks according to a formula that still remains secret, is the reason behind Frutóbidos’ growth and expansion into new markets and consumer segments, which reciprocate the developmental efforts undertaken by the company with their preference.

Frutóbidos has evolved from a local production and regional commercialisation unit to a national company with an exporting component, rated and recognised by the Programme for the Promotion of Trades and Microbusinesses in the Crafts Sector (PPART) as a Handcrafts Production Unit under the scope of the Production of Liqueurs, Syrups and Non-Wine Spirits.

Adding value to the product, through a handmade and traditional production, Frutóbidos invests in the continuous improvement of the quality and safety of its production processes as well as the satisfaction of its consumers. “Ginja d’Óbidos Vila das Rainhas” sour cherry liqueur thus reaches a new level, enjoyed by the whole world, providing rare and unforgettable moments of pleasure.

MISSION To produce and sell products of superior quality, using the sour cherry fruit and all its sub-products as its main raw material.

VISION To differentiate and promote our products so that they become a reference to consumers in the national and international market, allying innovation and tradition.


To preserve tradition and authenticity.
To drive the local community and economy.

To promote environmental balance and sustainability.
To value endogenous resources.