VILA DAS RAINHAS honours the various queens that have passed by Óbidos and the land where this liqueur, enjoyed by men and women from all the over the world, is produced and names the most traditional Óbidos sour cherry liqueur.

Tasting the delicious “Ginja d’Óbidos Vila das Rainhas” sour cherry liqueur, tenderly called “Ginjinha” (little sour cherry) by many Portuguese, is an enormous pleasure and also the perpetuation of a memorable tradition.

Throughout the times, the “Ginja d’Óbidos Vila das Rainhas” sour cherry liqueur with its sweet, sour and fruity flavour, has been a reason for conviviality, joy and inspiration for its fans, who find in its unmistakable aroma and palate the perfect company in times of joy and relaxation.

In Óbidos, the birthplace of the “Ginja d’Óbidos Vila das Rainhas” sour cherry liqueur, it is almost mandatory to have a “Ginjinha” with friends when visiting one of the many bars in the historic town.

As a pioneering company in the production of the genuine Óbidos sour cherry liqueur, we are proud of our roots and the loyalty we maintain to the original formula, from which we seek to innovate and diversify, offering our consumers the highest standards in food quality and safety.